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5 Tips to maintain your garbage disposal in Santa Rosa, CA

garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are a practical way to reduce food waste and keep your kitchen sink clean and clear. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can quickly lead to clogged drains or broken components. Proper garbage disposal care in Santa Rosa, CA is essential for any homeowner looking to maximize the longevity of their investment. Here are five tips that all homeowners should know when it comes to maintaining their garbage disposals in Santa Rosa, CA.

1) Use cold water: When you turn on your garbage disposal, always run cold water through it first. This will help cool down the blades and minimize strain on the motor while also helping to flush away bits of food waste.

2) Run the water throughout use: Make sure to leave the tap running with cold water while you have your disposal on. This will help move food waste through the drain and reduce potential clogs.

3) Use a stopper: If you are running excessive amounts of food down the disposal, use a stopper to keep it from getting overloaded and backed up. This will prevent bits of food from clogging up other parts of your plumbing system. When you approach one of the best repiping companies in Petaluma, CA, explain that you use a stopper with your garbage disposal to reduce strain on the pipes.

4) Don’t put fibrous foods or fats down the disposal: Fibrous foods like celery stalks can get tangled in the blades and cause damage, while grease and oil will cool down and harden inside the unit, causing buildup that could lead to blockages. Better to discard these items in your trashcan or compost bin instead.

5) Regularly clean and sharpen the blades: With a bit of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water, you can help keep your disposal’s blades sharp and free from buildup. This will also help improve its performance and reduce any odors coming from it as well.

By following these tips, homeowners in Santa Rosa can make sure their garbage disposals remain in proper working order for years to come. Make sure to always follow manufacturer instructions when cleaning or troubleshooting your garbage disposal. If the problem persists, contact a professional plumber or emergency plumber company in Windsor, CA for assistance.

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